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Πέτρος Ιακωβίδης - Φοβάμαι | Petros Iakovidis - Fovame (Teaser)

Published on 25 Jun 2019 / In Gaming
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Norris Nuts Do Stuff

Ateneo ako, pero lakas na ni Des Cheng. Ganda pa ????❤️

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givernotataker 4 months ago

Футболка зе болотного , а никто не расписался потому что Сульшер сходу отжал ее себе в коллекцию

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TV Live Pour Tous
TV Live Pour Tous 1 month ago

I know it's late! But... please edit my video!!!


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Maritza Maldonado
Maritza Maldonado 2 months ago

Юрец там какойто кусок говна что то типа диза на твой ролик о Колыме запилил, размаж эту суку безымянную о стенку.

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Armor Crew
Armor Crew 4 months ago

Como puede vestirse un chico musculoso en trajes de vestir jaja

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HamroPatro Channel
HamroPatro Channel 4 months ago

An Irish fan that probably doesn't know shit about what he's on about here, a bit disappointed about losing out on a BP but I certainly won't act sour. We're just too slow, and generally can't cope with high tempo/intense play. That's why we lost to England in the Aviva (respect to them, they're bouncing back as we should be), and that's why I would say that this win, although a win, wasn't reassuring. Mediocre tries, intermittent gaps in our line and we're just lacking the "bread and butter stuff" in general as we say...
We need to work on line speed and bring some palpable form of tenacity into our games. A bad year to fall apart, but in the big picture, better now than in the WC I suppose.

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P B S creations
P B S creations 5 months ago


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RiKi Music
RiKi Music 3 months ago

Dariooooooooo,dovresti andare a masterchef.......♥️????????

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Banana Town
Banana Town 2 months ago

Oreo and alcohol. Yep, that's how I study now at 26 for my diploma

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Рики 4 months ago

Qué hermoso tu historia de amor Esto es un matrimonio hacen tan linda pareja las 2 Ojalá que terminen al final siempre juntos y que el amor vence a todas versidad total si tú lo mantienes a nadie le importa Qué raro la gente que le encanta hablar a veces la gente es más fácil hablar que ver las cosas de los alrededores me alegra por ti ese matrimonio tan bello

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