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Стройка Века! Россия соединит Волгу с Индийским Океаном. Трансиранский канал

Published on 12 Jun 2019 / In Live streams
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Banana Town
Banana Town 26 days ago

Dear Jeff Besos,
Thank you for allowing me to believe in the premise of Amazon Prime. Mostly I loved being a loyal patron. Just a clue Jeff. When things go wrong and you acknowledge you screwed up...i don't need to hear an operator validating my concern and feigning sympathy for my frustration. Yes Arthun, Magesh and Sadeek all felt deeply concerned with my frustration for being over promised and under serviced by your Amazon Prime Campaign but I really dont believe them or believe in you anymore. If you believed in me as an American market to solicit for loyal patronage you were somewhat successful. I have been a regular and loyal consumer of Amazon Prime. But when my last package that I paid a premium to get delivered in 2 days is notified to me as "delivered" and it wasn't and the response from the above off shore contract service workers is... wait till tomorrow....you failed. I am sorry you feel that way...you failed...what else can we do for you...an expectation of future failure...let me try and familiarize myself with your concern...you failed...you are obviously dissatisfied...duh you failed. Jeff your head is in your well profited ass if you think either Arthun, Magesh or Sadeek are helping your bottom line. It is an insult to all Americans to be condescended to by someone who has no idea what a standard is for American service. I was offered a refund of my purchase and instead told them to keep it because I needed to learn a lesson...and did. America and rich Americans don't give a sincere rats ass about their promises to me. Good luck in the future Jeff you truly have grown too big for me to give a middle class rats ass for your company.

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cricket.com.au 1 month ago

Если все кто не доволен Путиным уедут, с кого они налоги будут брать? И с кого хрена я должен из страны валить?! Мне моё место проживания дорого и люди которые меня окружают. Гораздо рациональнее власть сменить и сократить их кол-во, зачем легион дармоедов содержать, вполне хватит 50 человек.

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Highlights Nepal
Highlights Nepal 1 month ago

عاشت ايدك روعة بس حبيبتي بلازحمه وين نحتفظ بالمروار ????????????????????????

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Click 1 month ago

My first time to watch akenyan movie

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fromcotedivoire 3 months ago

she's cute as hell

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Car TV
Car TV 4 months ago

No to co czekamy jak kłosek podadza narkotyki

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Oddshot Compilations
Oddshot Compilations 2 months ago

fabienne mi de lantinor la

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Santosh Baral
Santosh Baral 3 months ago

What's the update on the N25m award?

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Meditative Mind
Meditative Mind 4 months ago

Eu sou seu fã

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YellowBrickCinema - Relaxing Music

Hahahahaha 1. Han kommer till finalen 2. Han for real haffar en tjej på scenen 2. Han skickar räkningen för dejten till Batra VILKEN JÄVLA LEGEND XD

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