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AD quá xanh nhưng team quá óc và cái kết -PU KA

Phương Nguyễn
Published on 03 Mar 2019 / In Other
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krislloyd melton
krislloyd melton 2 months ago

Oi gente

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OAD Religious Journey Collections by: Bro. Jake

@linus stuff that you missed on the Sony: Put palm over right earcup to let sound leak (useful during conversations), ambient noise cancelling, ATM regulator, 30 hour battery life (got 29 in real life), EQ and other settings from the app. Also, both the Bose and Sonys have Google Assistant AND Alexa. Also, Bose and Beats don't support many audio codecs, Sony exclusively supports LDAC.

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HamroPatro Channel
HamroPatro Channel 2 months ago

Σάτιρα δεν το λες .... ουστ

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HighlightsNepal 1 month ago

هل نجد الف مصلي على النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم

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Reiki Music & Healing

Maradok a popcornnál!

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TV Live Pour Tous
TV Live Pour Tous 26 days ago

Mi se rupe inima si simt ca nu mai am aer cand ascult versurile........

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YellowBrickCinema - Relaxing Music

Dennam epa wenawa me kathawa,

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Oddshot Compilations

Vaya robo al Atlético. La verdad que poco jugaron, pero fue injusta la derrota

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Riki Music
Riki Music 2 months ago

Berry inspiring

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winterangel27 2 months ago

Jajaja ????

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