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Published on 12 Jun 2019 / In People & Blogs

Qui veut rater sa carrière de rappeur? Toi? Viens j'ai deux trois conseils.


Instagram : @maskeylevrai
Twitter : @maskeylevrai
Snapchat : Payant.

Merci à Nas mon cadreur sur.

Dianos le prince de la ville

Daniel, Aristote, Freddy, Fred, Potatoz, Anis, Anas et Salma vous êtes des tueurs coeur sur vous leurs réseaux : @maskeylevrai

Et SO à toutes les autres personnes qui ont travaillée dessus!

Écoutez le dernier projet de Valee.

#Maskey, #Maskeylevrai, #fac, #comment rater sa carrière de rappeur,
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SMG4 Reaction
SMG4 Reaction 15 days ago

jay hind

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winterangel27 2 days ago

abonnez vous ma chaine svp

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ilovepi227 3 months ago

So admitting a potential racist attack on a human is ok? I just want to know where the standard starts and if he “ CLAIMED” he hadn’t got help would he still be racist than? I once wanted to beat up white social justice warriors but I “NOW” gotten help and cured, hallelujah????????....can i now get my medal of honesty ijs

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Dipen Patel
Dipen Patel 3 months ago

ยกนิ้วให้ชงโคเลยย แพทสุดยอดด

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Abidjan.netTV 4 months ago


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Wiggles Fan
Wiggles Fan 2 months ago


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Bazza 2 months ago


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Norris Nuts Do Stuff
Norris Nuts Do Stuff 3 months ago

Civilians fooling themselves forgetting that the military is watching them quietly.
When they feel they have had enough of all these civilian noise making trash citizens they will
step in. That day we will all know whether NDC or NPP. A just a reminder.
Do Ghanaians have the any knowledge of their voting patterns or who they cast their votes for.
You come on national media to say you will shoot someone without even know what kind
of weapons they posses as well. These are the people who make foolish comments and pay dearly
with their lives on dooms they. Time bombs don't make noise, they only blow up after the clock countdown.
It don't blame these people who sit on social media platforms and run their mouths.
Empty barrels make the most noise. Instead of NPP living by Ex President Kuffours legacy, they want
to follow all die be die president. NPP supporters who just don't like but love playing with fire, fire will burn you.
Keep fooling yourselves in power and don't think of your developmental agenda's for the country. You will reap
what you sow.

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Maggie 3 months ago

As someone who almost doesn't buy any processed foods anymore, I can't help but notice the huge amount of salt you added to the individual components. Does coarse kosher salt have less sodium than regular table/sea salt or am I just not used to it since I also find most restaurant food quite salty?

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TaichiTalk 3 months ago

זה לא באמת שוטר

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