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Drake's Rushed Grammy Acceptance Speech | The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

Published on 13 Feb 2019 / In Non-profits & Activism

Drake fans have lashed out after the rapper's Grammy speech was cut short.

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Santosh Baral
Santosh Baral 5 months ago

I used to think Grammys were a mark of quality in music but I am pretty sure there are a lot of artists out there who have done better music than these people. #Grammyssobiased. What can we do to shed more light on people who really deserve it?

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bikash saud
bikash saud 5 months ago


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OAD Religious Journey Collections by: Bro. Jake

He is right though

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Blended Insight
Blended Insight 5 months ago

Trevor has become a NewYorker! Got no time for BS.

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Music for body and spirit - Meditation music

When he mentioned Michael and Anthony, I was like yuh reaction time were u at

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Godrules 3 months ago


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Meditative Mind
Meditative Mind 4 months ago

Kebanyakan peminat Zamani ni acah2 je prihatin tak kena tempat. Benda dah lepas nak 20 tahun dah, baru la sekarang nak mula simpati la apa la. Agaknya, if kisah Zamani n DS Siti tak dinaikkan kembali dan Zamani tak masuk Gegar Vaganza 5, agak2 peminat yang acah2 ni akan kisah ke dengan Zamani? Pasal kesihatan dia?

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Sidha Kura Janata Sanga

Какой голос!!!!! Украина -кладезь талантов.

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TV Live Pour Tous
TV Live Pour Tous 1 month ago

똥낀놈이 성내는 인간들...

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Christina Lees
Christina Lees 4 months ago

Nmo put supo ketut jh haha

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Music for body and spirit - Meditation music

❤️❤️❤️c touchant

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The Norris Nuts
The Norris Nuts 3 days ago

Kasuhan mo na

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Grapple 3 months ago

Зашел в это говнище чисто из за MARUV. Мне нравится трек

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Muselk 3 months ago

Wtf jaja pinche cabeza rara jajaja.

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Live Streaming
Live Streaming 9 days ago

Que bonitos son????

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